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Visiting Tenerife? Discover the Secrets of the Island.

What do you get when you buy Island Drives that you don’t get with other guides? The simple answer is that having Island Drives is like having a personal guide in the car beside you.

Our simple, but precise directions will take you on fascinating journeys that span the length and breadth of Tenerife, opening up the ‘Real Tenerife’, the one that exists beyond the brochures.

It’s up to you how you use it, you can choose to follow a complete journey for a full day out, or you can dip in and out of each drive, depending on how much time you have available and where your starting point is on the island.

Every route has approximate drive times from start to finish and recommended places to stop for spectacular views and 'WOW’ photo opportunities, great places to have a bite to eat and points of interest or curiosity as well as specific directions for navigating through Tenerife's historic towns.

Additionally, Island Drives has a wealth of information on the culture, history and what to see in more than thirty fascinating locations across Tenerife, many of which don’t appear in other guidebooks.

Packed with information, anecdotes and stunning photographs, Island Drives makes sure you'll get the most from your car hire and Tenerife holiday.

Discover a vibrant, fascinating and friendly island rich in natural beauty, history and culture. Discover the Tenerife that many visitors never see...

When you buy Island Drives PDFs, you also get a FREE copy of 'A Captivating Coastline'.

Meticulous research, excellent writing, plus absolutely stunning photographs, makes Real Tenerife Island Drives the very best on-the-road guide to Tenerife.”

Pamela Heywood - Secret Tenerife

Brief extracts from 'Island Drives'

- making the most of your car hire and holiday in Tenerife

Flower of the Valley

From the former slave markets of Adeje and along the pretty coastal resorts of the west before climbing through almond covered valleys to the Alpine beauty of the spa town of Vilaflor. The Flower of the Valley drive will show you the kaleidoscopic faces of Tenerife in a single journey.

"...the villagers carried a statue of Santa Ana to the outskirts of the town where a miracle allegedly stopped the lava."

Here Be Dragos

Climbing to the magnificent vantage point of La Coronal at the very edge of the Corona Forestal and then descending to the pretty harbour and sheltered beach of San Marcos, this drive takes in historic La Orotava and Los Realejos, breathtaking scenery, ancient Drago trees, a rich agricultural landscape and the opportunity to explore some of Tenerife’s oldest towns and traditional villages.

"...clouds drift in with little warning; grey ghostly fingers weave through the pines..."

Independent Tenerife restaurant reviews in "Choice Menus"

"... snuggle up next to Roberto’s blazing, brick corner fire and order the platter of Canarian nibbles, consisting of wonderful cheeses, dips and sausages.."

"Dining at Nino’s is akin to sampling a slice of warm nostalgia. Formerly a tobacco warehouse, post office and cantina, the décor and atmosphere still retain traces of all three.."

Hidden Depths

A village hidden in a valley until the 1970s, a town cursed by a monk before being buried in lava and a lighthouse at the end of the world.
Through twisted climbs and serpentine descents into the hidden depths of some favourite destinations and one or two that haven’t made it onto the tourist trail…yet.
Taking in Tenerife’s most picturesque hamlets, you’ll need a steady nerve and plenty of space on the memory stick for this unforgettable journey.

"A gap, like a sinister eye in the rock face, highlights the way..."

Peaks into the Past

To travel into the Anaga mountains is to take a fascinating journey through a land of extreme contrasts. This route takes you from the bustling, historic capital of Santa Cruz, past dramatic Tolkienesque peaks, rugged coastlines, ancient Laurisilver forests, the likes of which have been lost to most of the rest of the world, and tiny settlements perched on the edge of ravines and tucked into the folds of the earth; one whose inhabitants still live in caves.
Take a step back in time to discover Tenerife’s oldest landscape, a place where traditions have been preserved over centuries; Anaga-it’s Massif.

The Forgotten Road

Discover the cloistered beauty of Arico, the seventeenth century rural hamlet of Icor and the enigmatic drama of the Pyramids at Güímar. The Forgotten Road takes you on an intestinal journey, high above the island’s east coast, through a landscape unchanged for centuries; a road empty of traffic and filled with surprises.

"...caves look as if they could be dwellings for creatures from a Star Wars movie..."

Where the Earth Holds up the Sky

Like opening a Russian doll, this route from La Laguna to Mount Teide unravels its layers to reveal new treasures around every corner.
Headily scented emerald forests, sweeping epic vistas, perfectly formed rust red volcanic cones and rock formations with such chaotic palettes of colours that Picasso couldn’t have dreamt them up
There are other roads to Teide, but this one will capture your breath and hold it prisoner for the whole journey.

" driving up the spine of a sleeping dragon..."


"Nestling between two gorges of the Teno Mountains, Masca was virtually undiscovered until the road from Santiago del Teide to Buenavista was constructed in the 1970s; a mule and a nosebleed-inducing track down the cliff being the only access. Not surprisingly, this was one of the last strongholds of the original inhabitants of Tenerife, the Guanches, against the invasion of the Spanish Conquistadors in 1496.

Masca appears in the 'Hidden Depths' route in Island Drives.

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Visually superb: contains stunning photographs of Tenerife giving you an essential guide that you’ll want to read again and again.

Off the beaten track: directs you to corners of the island unseen by most visitors as well as hidden aspects of some of its favourite destinations, jam packed with recommendations on the best places to go and what to see there.

Unique: the first guide dedicated to exploring Tenerife by car, geared towards the needs of the driver, allowing you to explore the island in depth and at leisure.

Independent: restaurant reviews are made solely on merit, guaranteeing good food in the most interesting places to eat en route.

Easy to use: the days of arguing about directions are over; straightforward, but detailed routes, ideal for people who find maps a bit of a mystery.

***Single Route Downloads***

If you’re only going to hire a car on Tenerife for a couple of days or if you only want to explore the island near to where you’re staying, you may prefer to take advantage of our single route downloads which let you choose the itinerary that best suits your needs and delivers it straight to your desktop by email.

Find out more about Single Route Downloads

… packed with info…lots of points of interest along the way…great descriptions of towns and villages…”

TripAdvisor expert for Tenerife

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Island Drives has been bought by customers in Belgium, Canada, Channel Islands, Denmark, Germany, Greenland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Russian Federation, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States of America
Click here to see some stunning images from our Hidden Depths route.
My husband and I just got back from 11 days in Tenerife. We hired a car and used our Island Drives book nearly every day and it was excellent! It really enhanced our stay - well done and thanks for helping us have a great holiday.

Stephanie Piddington, Berkshire

An entertaining and informative read, the guide is packed with anecdotes…next time you’re thinking of pulling on those driving gloves to explore Tenerife’s roads, make sure you’ve got a copy of ‘Island Drives’ as a driving companion.

Living Tenerife magazine

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Click here to see some stunning images from our Where the Earth Holds up the Sky route.
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